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Between Vintage And Electronic: Speakeasy, The New Album By Luke & The Belleville Orchestra
October 3, 2019

Email: info@lemonslicerecords.com
Url: http://www.lemonslicerecords.com
Sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcmHLZRB_JE&list=PLbpmo37f5M-fvQqm[...]

Lemon Slice Records has recently released Speakeasy, the new album by Luke & The Belleville Orchestra. It is already available on all the most important streaming platforms and in leading online stores, and it will soon be purchasable in a physical format.

The LP is made up of 12 tracks with catchy melodies and polished arrangements that create a unique style. On one hand the sound takes the listener back to 1930s gipsy jazz and the swinging energy of big bands, while on the other hand it rides the wave of the most contemporary beats of house music and hip hop, all of this enriched with an elegant use of synthesizers and samples. The beguiling voice of Melissa Stott, author of all the lyrics and composer of I Think of you, characterizes the entire album. The remaining 11 compositions are penned by Luke H, aka Luca Accarpio, leader and guitarist of the band as well as arranger of all the tracks. Important contributions to the album were also provided by: Ohmguru Ricky Rinaldi and Dj Farrapo (beats), Max Turone (upright bass), Roberto Righini (trumpet) and the American rapper King Marino. Speakeasy was mixed by Ricky Rinaldi and Luca Accarpio, and mastered by Max Paparella (Groove Sound Design Studio).

You can listen free or buy the album by clicking on the following link: https://smarturl.it/tydc3u

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